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At Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, we pride ourselves in being Northwest Florida's largest recreational and residential community. In Destin Florida, jobs don't get any better than this!

The magic of Sandestin begins with our staff. Whether you are thinking of changing careers or you have heard our name and want to find out what the buzz is all about, we just might have the perfect opportunity at our resort for you to excel in the hospitality industry.

There is nothing better than a job that offers competitive wages, a supportive team, and a beautiful work environment. Sandestin offers all three and more with employment in Destin, Florida!

The application process for seasonal opportunities at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort begins each year in late February until May with some positions becoming available during the summer. Please visit our web site for a complete list of jobs for which you can apply.

We thank you for your interest in Sandestin as a potential employer. If you think you have something truly amazing to offer our beautiful and luxurious resort and properties, make time to see all of our opportunities and jobs with Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and check out these potential jobs.

Housing Info

The Village of Mauritius is located 5 miles from Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and has occupancy for 490 people. Apartments have 4-6 bedrooms with a shared kitchen, common area and bathrooms in each unit. Utilities are included in the daily rental rate encompassing electric, basic cable, water/sewer, and garbage. The rate per room is $17.00 per person per night, which includes applicable taxes. Each person is required to pay a $300 deposit ($150 of which is a non-refundable cleaning fee). This deposit is due in full upon check-in. As a Sandestin Investments, LLC employee, rent deductions will be automatically taken out of your paycheck.

To be considered for Staff Housing, all candidates are required to complete the employment application, interview process and have an offer of employment. If you are planning to request Staff Housing accommodations, please be sure to express this clearly when you are being interviewed.