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Florida Ecotourism

At Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, we're committed to the protection of our natural resources including the beaches, marine habitat and wildlife.

Florida Sand Dunes

Operating in the most environmentally responsible way possible helps to keep our Beaches of South Walton pristine. Preserving the fragile sand dunes prevents erosion and damage to plant roots, which help stabilize the protective sand dune system.

Dune fencing is in place along Sandestin's shoreline. Aesthetic considerations aside, sand dunes are a major factor in protecting land and property during hurricanes or major storms. For this reason, sand dune walkovers are provided for your convenience at Sandestin.

Florida Wildlife – Caring for Sea Turtles

Sandestin is also a nesting site for both Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles. Sea turtles come ashore in late April to early May and hatch in late August to mid-October.

Sea turtles always have fallen prey to predators, but artificial lighting poses another hazard. Hatchling sea turtles emerging from their nests at night can become confused and move toward the lights instead of the Gulf. This immediate trek to the ocean is crucial to the survival of the baby sea turtles. For this reason, Sandestin's evening beachfront activities are lit by environmentally friendly torches. We urge Sandestin guests to do their part in keeping this important piece of our local wildlife safe by keeping their balcony lights off during hatching season. Learn more about the South Walton Turtle Watch by calling (850) 897-5228.

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